Born as an elder sibling into a family of six, Rohit always had to struggle to even have a square meal as his mother was terminally ill and father an alcoholic. After staying in two different hostels he was back with his mother as she needed him to take care of her. Rohit used to do petty jobs to look after his family and one fine day when he was around 13-14 years he came to our kalwa step-in-center where he had the option to work as well as learn. Rohit used to study  in the center(step-up syllabus special designed for street kids) during the days and work in a ladoo making shop in the evenings, later we spoke to his mother to place him in our residential care so that he can concentrate well in his studies as we had admitted him in 10th (NIOS board). His struggles were far from over as he had taken math’s and science in 10th so that he can pursue his ITI after 10th, he failed in math’s thrice, but did not give up, he finished 10th with 45%. Hoping to get admission in ITI, he was dejected when he realized he was not eligible when you trust God with your future he makes everything best in His time. After securing admission in MCVC (computer tech) he scored 81% in the 12th state board. Rohit is now settled with his mother and is currently pursuing bachelors in computer applications, the best part is he has joined COGF as a part-time teacher and teaches other kids at our Kurla center.




Time just flies….I remember the time when you came to COGF holding your brothers hand, with lot of expectation. You were a fighter always; you never hesitated to speak your mind irrespective of the consequences. Growing up in an institution is a challenge in itself and you always made sure your voice is heard, no wonder you took up social service for graduation. When you lost your only brother during your 12th board we thought you will not be able to cope up with it and give up, but I am glad you proved us wrong, God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling, and you bounced back. During your graduation years in Nirmala Niketan you had your own struggles mostly loneliness and you triumphed here too with God’s grace. The decision to go to Bangalore to pursue MA in development was much debated and yet again you won the arguments, and made it to Bangalore all on your own with 100% scholarship. When we heard the news that you were coming to Mumbai for your final year internship in the NGO were you grew up, we were so happy and proud of you. The topic which you choose for the research is so interesting and something which always bothered you -CHALLENGES FACED BY ORPHAN KIDS. The Turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt and use it for the betterment of others. As you leave, you leave behind a little helpless kid and go as young women ready to take on the world……BEST OF LUCK MISS SUVARNA NERHERKAR …PROUD OF YOU.


This is PRATIKSHA DEVA VAGH, she had to migrate with her parents to the brick kiln at Sakhroli. Pratiksha visits our PARIVARTAN ON WHEELS  regularly for studying, she had a small boil on her forehead for the past 3 months which grew bigger and was very painful. All the kids in the brick kiln have only one source of water for drinking and bathing which is not good for consumption, most of the kids there have skin infections. Pratiksha’s parents were not able to take her to the hospital as it was far and they were living hand to mouth if they had to  take her to doctor then they have to miss work which means they will not get paid for that day.Samina our health care asst (POW)  cleaned her boils daily, then during one of the medical camps in POW, the doctor checked Pratiksha and told her mother to get her operated on, otherwise, it will become poisonous and become a threat to her life. The doctor offered to operate on her in her clinic free of cost the operation took place after a week and now she is fit and fine. We at COGF (Parivartan) Team are very grateful to our doctor MRS HEENA PANDITAPUTRA for travelling long distances to help us in the Medical camp and also, for Providing all the Medication and Consultancy free of cost.

 “What all people see you do may not be remembered; what they hear you say may be forgotten, but how they feel your intervention in their times of need will forever be remembered.”


The Right To Education Act makes education a fundamental right for every child between the ages of 6 and 14yrs, but there is lot of gap in implementation due to various reason. My name is Sanjana Santosh Yadav. I am 7yrs old. I was studying in English Medium School in Junior Kg. Due to financial crisis; I couldn’t continue my studies and was removed from school. My parents tried to get admission to nearby schools but because I didn’t have an Aadhar card and birth certificate I couldn’t get admission. Parents then tried to make an Aadhar card but they asked for a bonafide from schools. Later parents also got disappointed and didn’t take any further steps for my studies. During the survey, didi had come to my house and then we got to know about the COGF daycare center. I was very happy and excited to come to the center. I want to study hard and become a doctor. I want to thank didi and bhaiya for helping me in my studies. Currently my adhar card is made by COGF  and in the coming academic year I will be able to attend regular school.


Nearly 16 lakh children from poor families studying in government and municipal schools in the national capital are staring at disruptions in their studies without access to mobiles, internet and laptops or desktops, even as privileged students from private schools are attending online classes amidst the Coronavirus lockdown.

Fortunately, COGF day care centres are successfully able to provide education to adivasi kids at Atgaon. Computer class has been started for 11 children, with 5 boys and 6 girls in our day care centre at Atgaon.  All the children belong to the Katkari tribal community. Our objective is to help these children to be able to cope with their education and compete in the society. We firmly believe education is important for the tribal community because that will help them to understand their rights and preserve their heritage in the best possible way.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

G.K. Chesterton

An Unexpressed Dream

Every individual aspires to achieve something. Dreams are essential as without them you will not have the motivation or determination to move forward in life. Your goals provide you the strength to face obstacles and motivate you towards achievements. 

I am Monika Ashok Walne. I am 13 years old. I belong to a Katkari Tribe. Being from an adivasi background we already have to fight for our rights in the society. Every step for us is very difficult and crucial. My dream is to study hard and become a teacher as it’s a profession where I can help many more girls and educate them.  However, I am confused whether I would be able to achieve my goal as there is no one to motivate me in my life to achieve my goals. I have three younger siblings and I have to take care of them. I also have to do all household activities. My father is an alchoholic and is uasally aloof  from his responsibilities towards the family. My mother works as a labourer in a construction site. I am so lucky and blessed that I got the golden opportunity to join COGF Day-care Centre. Didi and bhaiya are supporting me to study. I am so grateful that I am able to read alphabets of English. I will study hard and try to achieve my dreams.


With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as declared by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) as a public health emergency of international concern awareness program was organized by the team COGF using the technology to bridge the digital gap focusing more on preventive aspects to protect and make awareness among the KATKARI community at Atgaon. With curiosity and active participation this group of people watched slide after slide to get knowledge about this Covid-19 situation around the world. This whole community was not at all aware about the corona virus and also why the other village people were maintaining distance from them. They just knew that they were not allowed to mingle with the people residing in the village. Just taking the help of the technology and using laptop and some PPT slides we could create the interest for learning. We also taught them to stitch  cloth mask by themselves and how it can be a preventive measure for this Covid – 19 pandemic situation. There are many other things that can be done using the technology and natural environment to make this community of people more sustainable.

In search of His roots…..

wp_20161026_007This week we had decided to visit Sagar barku manje in his village at atgaon , taluka shapur. We had earlier settled sagar in kalwa with his siblings but his aunt came and took both the siblings to atgaon, sagar stayed back and was working. Later due to constant ill health we advised him to return to his village and now he is staying with his aunt and siblings.
Sagars story is nothing short of bollywood movie, he was separated from his four brothers and sisters 14yrs back by his mother who fought with his father and took sagar to kurla station from there he came to our home. Father left the other four siblings in his village and left to marry again, one of his brother was with his mama, 2 sisters with aunt one was married at the age of 16, and another brother was raised by brick kiln worker who did not send him to school but made him work in the brick kiln from a very young age. Once when sagar visited his village 4-5 years back he found out about his siblings and brought them together at his aunts place.
Sagar belongs to katkari adivasi community which is listed as primitive tribal group due to very low literacy, stagnant population, and pre -agricultural stages of existence. Literacy rate 7 to 8% (1% among females).On visiting sagar we got to know that he is most educated person in his community and they look up to him for any help and want him to stay there (Sagar was the weakest in studies compared to his peers in our home but God can turn the weakness into strength). Sagar has decided to stay back in his village find work there and help his community people as they are exploited by the other community, one of the incidence he narrated was that of the BMC School were his sister studies they provide only one egg daily in the name of midday meal, examination fees are collected, to write every exam,etc.
Finally, what’s really happening isn’t always obvious. Sometimes great heights require vast support before even the tiniest sprout is visible. We know Gods support is always there with him and waiting to see him grow in HIM and serve others.


The home which was once filled with noise of children chattering and laughter has suddenly become quite during the afternoons .All the children have now being admitted to school , from May we were trying to secure admission in the NNMC school only 2 got admission . One in 3rd and other for 5th, the teachers there asked us to put first pooja in 3rd from 5th std as she is week in studies later asked us to shift both to semi English. The semi English madam was not interested in admitting them there as, three months had passed since the opening of the school .Luckly for us a teacher from another school was present there and took   the children  to their school and immediately admitted them there. They asked us to bring all the children who didn’t get admission in school because of lack of documents and total 8 children were admitted in that day. The superintendent personally came to meet the children and take them to class. The thing that touched us the most was what the superintendent said “children are not supposed to be on the streets their place is in the school”. They regularly visit the nearby hutments and streets and encourage the parents to send their kids to school, not only that their whole staff contributes towards the fees of those kids who are not able to pay the fees. According to RTE every child has the right to education and should be admitted in school even if the child has no proper documents…but rarely practiced. As we celebrate teachers day soon would like to extend our gratitude to  Sayali  sanjeev gore madam and her teachers from Radika meghe vidyalaye …….these are the teachers who really strive to give our country a better tomorrow.IMG-20160831-WA0002


The boy who used to beg at BAWA GALI at Dongri with his siblings has finally flown off to U.S whitefield, Washington. Anwar mohammed  mirza  along with his three siblings grew up in the streets of Mumbai  after being disowned by their father a tailor by profession. Their mother stayed on the streets near bawa gali and used to beg near the dargha to feed themselves. The children used to go to the nearby Urdu medium school and later through a friend Anwar’s mother ,  brought anwar and other two siblings to cogf. Anwar was a bright child and picked up English quickly and was then admitted in holy angels Marthoma School in 4th standard he was good in sports as well as academics, more so he was diligent, hardworking and disciplined. When he was giving his final exams for std 9th, He was a writer for a disabled chid for NIOSWP_20160806_001 board and also for a state board child with learning disability both the kids scored a first class.

Last year Anwar  got a chance through school to participate in AFS student exchange scholarship programme to study abroad for a year. With encouragement from his teacher he cleared all the interviews and test but, the most challenging part was getting his passport as he did not have all the required documents. We applied thrice and he was asked to visit passport office thrice for getting proper documents, then when his passport was ready he had to visit the police station and post office so that he gets it in hand as his mother was now living in a hutment in kalwa. When Anwar was selected for the programme  we dint have the passport in hand till then, at every point it was like he won’t make it, but Gods plans are higher than ours. Finally all his hard work bore fruits, his prayers were answered and he flew off to U.S on 8th august. His mother who struggled throughout her life was so happy and proud  to see her son fly off , with tears in her eyes  she told her son not to worry about her or anything here but focus on his studies there…………..DREAMS WORK  IF YOU WORK HARDER.